The InvestYYC Campaign for Cowboy Versus Samurai is now closed. Thank you to everyone who helped us raise $4435! 

Our Supporters
Huge thanks to everyone who donated to our InvestYYC campaign:
Sarelle Azuelos, Marjorie Chan, Ins & Mari Choi, Mike Choi, Polly Fisher, H.I. Goyer, Emma Mackenzie Hillier, Daniel Hsu, Kaylyn Johnson, Natalie Jones, Nate Kan, Rhonda Kohnen, Dale Kwong, Richard Lee, Tawny Lehan, Elliot Mah, Marvin Mah, Benny Min, Linda Patient, Roii Patterson, Carol Poon, Jon & Judy Rodgers, Kristyn Rodgers, Joyce Rodriguez, Miquelon Rodriguez, Garnet Scaman, Katherine Stone, Jake & Heather Stewart, John & Donna Stewart, Will Stewart, Mike Tan, Javier Vilalta, Dominique Wilson, Elena Woo, David Yee, and Jeff Yung!


How does your donation help?
$25 – purchases fabric to make one costume for the show
$45 – buys half a day of rehearsal space in Motel
$100 – covers one full day of pay for a member of our acting company
$250 – pays rental fees for technical equipment for the run of the production

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