IBPOC Playwrights Unit 2020

Our inaugural IBPOC Playwrights Unit is comprised of Caleigh Crow, Rebecca Comer, and Kodie Rollan. See below for their bios!

Hucksterland – by Caleigh Crow
September 11, 2020 @ 7:00pm

“Hucksterland” is a reading of a new musical by Caleigh Crow, directed by Tara Beagan.

We know what landlords do. Their daily tolling hours are spent crafting leases, uploading low quality yet flattering photos to Kijiji, coming up with creative yet legal new ways to retain damage deposits, and answering emails from pesky tenants whining about leaky faucets. Our story follows a landlord whose world is turned upside down by the prospect of rent control legislation snaking its way through local city council. Suddenly it’s not as simple as calling a repairman and collecting rent cheques every month. “Hucksterland” is about the lengths a landlord will go to when his way of life is undermined by the one thing all landlords fear: the threat of the unwashed masses organizing for a reprieve. Will our landlord acquiesce to the pitchfork bearing mob or will he get out from behind his desk and actually work for something?

The Watchdog Society by Kodie Rollan
September 18, 2020 @ 7:00pm

“The Watchdog Society” is a reading of a new play by Kodie Rollan, directed by Janelle Cooper.

Christopher Clare, Chantelle Han, Stafford Perry, Valerie Planche, Kevin Rothery, and Tenaj Williams

Centered around the activities of a neighbourhood watch group, five residents of a suburban community are forced to come to terms with their own racial biases as they investigate a series of car break-ins in their seemingly peaceful neighbourhood. The Watchdog Society is a piece that explores racial profiling in the digital age and poses the question,  “whose safety gets prioritized within diverse communities?”

Dear Dad by Rebecca Comer
September 26, 2020 @ 7:00pm

“Dear Dad” is a reading of a new play in progress by Rebecca Comer, directed by Gina Puntil.

Keshia Cheesman

Dear Dad is an open letter to the man who made Denise who she is. In it, she figures out what her relationship with her dad was, is, and will be by writing out what she was never able to tell him in person.

At Chromatic Theatre we are dedicated to developing and supporting work by and for the wide breadth of cultural diversity that exists in our city. We are excited to launch a Playwrights Unit that will bring together IBPOC playwrights from across the city of Calgary, with the aim of strengthening our community, and investing in new Canadian plays.

*IBPOC stands for Indigenous, Black, and Persons of Colour. You can read more about the origins of this term here.