IBPOC Playwrights Unit Showcase

Hang in There – by Maezy Dennie
September 24, 2021 @ 7:30pm

“Hang In There” is a reading of a new play written by Maezy Dennie, directed by JD Derbyshire.

Keshia Cheesman, Michelle Diaz, Elizabeth Ferguson-Breaker, Tenaj Williams, and Bukky Wonda

“‘Hang in There’ is the most ridiculous phrase I’ve heard while being treated for suicidal tendencies. You’d think they could come up with something that doesn’t immediately make you think of a noose.” – playwright, Maezy Dennie

Brimstone and their friends live through stories collected from the public. They give insight to the health industry and show that mental illness is so much more than a moment. More than fluttering pages of a prescription pad.

This is a story about growing up. It’s about falling in all different kinds of love. It’s about comfortably existing while crazy. But most importantly, every part of it is true.

Father’s Heart by Toyin Lamas
September 25, 2021 @ 2:00pm

“Father’s Heart” is a reading of a new play by Toyin Lamas, directed by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard.

Keshia Cheesman, Michelle Diaz, Elizabeth Ferguson-Breaker, Tenaj Williams, and Bukky Wonda

Finding her way back to the heartbeat of her existence, the very place of her birth, a journey that will give her joy and replace the sadness this sudden loss has caused or so she thought. Princess Adebola loses and regains her identity in this short story of love, strength, family traditions, and long-standing cultural practices. Is she ready to face and fight her fears? Will she give in or will she learn the ways of her fathers? Find out in this short story about Adebola Omooba!

Kisapmata by Bianca Miranda
September 25, 2021 @ 7:30pm

“Kisapmata” is a reading of a new play by Bianca Miranda, directed by Gina Puntil.

Keshia Cheesman, Michelle Diaz, Chariz Faulmino, Elizabeth Ferguson-Breaker, Tenaj Williams, and Bukky Wonda

Dear Dad is an open letter to the man who made Denise who she is. In it, she figures out what her relationship with her dad was, is, and will be by writing out what she was never able to tell hThe Tagalog word “kisapmata” means “blink of an eye”.  It’s also the title of a punk banger by Filipino band, Rivermaya.  Inspired by this song, this play tells the love story of two Filipina women – one living in the diaspora and the other, born and raised in the Philippines.  Through intimate vignettes, we see the longing, the diving in, and eventually, the letting go.  

Red Leather, Yellow Leather by Bill Yong and Barry Bilinsky
September 26, 2021 @ 2:00pm

“Red Leather, Yellow Leather” is a reading/performance of a work in progress by Bill Yong & Barry Bilinsky, directed by Jenna Rodgers.

Barry Bilinsky & Bill Yong

Neech and Stan are on a journey to find the eternal peach. Legend has it that if a mortal eats this peach, it will grant them access to the kingdom of heaven and thus eternal life. Sounds pretty cool! What will Neech and Stan do to face these challenges of BIBLICAL proportions? Can their friendship stand the test? Will the Jade Emperor help them on their quest? Or will they be doomed to wander together forever? Who knows?

At Chromatic Theatre we are dedicated to developing and supporting work by and for the wide breadth of cultural diversity that exists in our city. We are excited to launch a Playwrights Unit that will bring together IBPOC playwrights from across the city of Calgary, with the aim of strengthening our community, and investing in new Canadian plays.

*IBPOC stands for Indigenous, Black, and Persons of Colour. You can read more about the origins of this term here.